Hey, it's Darius. You're interested in joining, but don't know whether this course is right for you. I completely get it. That's why I’ve answered your most frequently asked questions on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Procrastinate Zero

"Will this work?"

1. "Who is PZ for?"

Can I ask you a few questions?

- Does your life and work require some level of self-discipline?

- Are you an entrepreneur, executive, student, freelancer, or artist?

- Do you struggle with starting and finishing your goals?

- Are you ready to learn how you can improve your hourly output?

- Are you serious about living a purposeful life?

If you answered yes, this course is for you. Otherwise, it's not. 

2. "Can I get a discount?"

The short answer: No. It's more likely that I increase the fee to reflect the value of this course. 

PZ is a small investment. The return, however, is big. Most students are able to save time and get more work done after taking this course. 

How much is your time worth? $50, $100, $500, $1000 per hour? You can easily calculate the ROI for yourself.

Education is always an investment in yourself. But if you look at it as costs, you're not ready. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, only 10% of all people have a “learning mindset.” 

The question is not about price, it's: Do you belong to the majority that never learns after school? Or, do you keep growing by investing in yourself?

3. "I don’t have time. How much time does the course require?"

This is the exact breakdown in videos:

  • Module 1: 20 minutes
  • Module 2: 28 minutes
  • Module 3: 17 minutes
  • Module 4: 30 minutes
  • Module 5: 31 minutes

Plus, you get all the lessons in written format and more than 40 useful resources.

If you want, you can finish the video lessons in one day. And you can take your time to study the written material. One thing is certain: You will get results.

It would be strange to spend weeks on a course about productivity, right? That’s why I’ve kept things short, practical, and actionable. No fluff. 

4. "How is PZ different from other courses in the market?"

I've collected almost 10,000 data points to decide on the content of this course. I take this seriously. And I use a scientific approach in creating my material.

I've studied for six and a half years in college, getting two degrees. I have a Master's degree in Business Administration. This is what I do. 

I've been giving training and workshops for almost ten years. And my articles have been read by more than 2.5M people. 

I believe in what I do. That's why I offer guarantees and lifetime access to my material. That's how I roll.

5. "How do I know if I'm ready?"

You've read and watched my free material. You know what the basics of productivity and achievement are. You have the pieces. You're only missing a complete system that puts everything in place. If that's you, you're ready.

If you haven't studied my free material yet, you're not. My goal is to make my free material better than the paid material of others. So please study it, and if you're ready, enroll for the full course so you can make things happen faster.

6. "What if I'm just lazy and unmotivated?"

Aren't we all? I'm not kidding. Without a system in place, I would fall back to eating potato chips, playing video games, and watching Netflix. 

There's no such thing as laziness or a lack of motivation. There's only a lack of clarity. And when you don't know what to do, you do nothing. 

I will teach you how you can overcome laziness with a system that never fails.

7. "Do I get access to the entire course at once?"

Yes. I'm not a police officer. I'm not here to chase you to complete your assignments. This is your life. You better take it seriously. 

Some courses don't give you access at once. But I don't believe in that strategy. We're adults. Instead, I teach people to plan their own life, take charge and full ownership.

8. "Why do you even need a course on productivity?"

Years ago, when I got into productivity and achievement, I thought the same. Why does it matter? I’ve learned that there’s a difference between what we say and what we do. And if you want to be successful, there’s only one thing that can help you to do that: Work. 

But work is difficult. We get distracted, it takes a long time, and it's not always fun. Productivity training teaches you strategies and tactics that help you to improve your focus, be more productive and stop procrastinating.


It’s a bulletproof system for getting things done so you can achieve your goals faster. 

9. "I don’t have goals. I’m useless."

If you’re completely new to personal development, I recommend to get started with my free material, which is a good introduction. 

Once you have your priorities in order, and know what direction you want to go in (you don’t have to know exactly, no one knows that), I recommend PZ to learn exactly how you can turn your life around. 

Also, no one is useless. It’s a mindset thing. And self-confidence is a skill. That means you can learn it. I’m happy to teach you. 

There you go. I hope you have enough information to make a decision. To be honest, I don’t know what else I can share. 

It all comes down to you. I always like to think that I don’t have forever to live. That helps me to make the right decisions.

If you’re ready to bet on yourself, click below to enroll.

Start taking charge of your life, and become an achiever. Join Procrastinate Zero. Today.

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